Ultimates iPhones. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro reviews


Sales of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in the first wave countries will start on September 24.
Novelties have already managed to hand out to Western journalists and bloggers, and they released
the first reviews of the devices. We looked at what their colleagues have to say about the phones,
and published the main part of their materials.

The Verge
iPhone 13 Pro

The journalist's overall conclusion is: "Owners of the iPhone 12 Pro will have to work hard to see the
difference between the same generation of devices. The differences probably won't prove decisive.
But if you're using an older device, the improvements in the newer ones will be very noticeable." On
the downside, Deiter cites the gadgets' "average selfie camera and not the most professional
cinematic video mode" as well as a Lightning port rather than the more versatile USB-C.

But the reviewer praises battery life and calls battery life one of the phones biggest drawbacks.
According to Deiter, the iPhone 13 Pro in super heavy use with 4K video recording and maximum
screen brightness lasted until 11 p.m. with 20 percent of battery life remaining.

The same enthusiastic opinion the reviewer holds about the iPhone 13 Pro's camera system. From
Dieter's point of view, it is "the best that can be achieved at the moment". In particular, the photos
taken under low light were praised, both with the normal angle unit and the ultra-wide angle unit.
The quality of portrait photos is also improved.

Dieter goes on to add that 120Hz screens are unlikely to be a revelation for Android users, but for
adherents of the Apple ecosystem they certainly are. The implementation of the feature itself is
good: iOS 15 keeps track of what frequency is needed to use a particular app, which saves battery


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iPhone 13

Dieter cites "superior cameras, vastly improved battery life, more permanent memory in the base",
as well as "all the benefits of last year's iPhone 12" as the main pluses of the new gadgets in a
separate review titled "Yes, increased battery life is much better". The drawbacks include
"unchanged selfie sensor, standard screen frequency", and incompatibility with iPhone 12 cases.

"The list of things that really matter when upgrading a phone is an improved camera and battery life.
These are the parameters that play a fundamental role in the day-to-day use of smartphones. And it
is these that Apple has focused on in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Improvements in both these
areas complement the changes brought by the iPhone 12 last year. So if you already have last year's
models, there's little point in upgrading. And if you're using an older phone, the list of iPhone 13
improvements is too long to list," Dieter wrote.


Columnist Patrick Holland gave the Pro smartphones a score of 9.2 out of a possible 10. On the
pluses of the gadgets he cited "robust build, Pro Motion display, 3x optical zoom telephoto lens, iOS
15". On the downsides, it cited heavy weight, the lack of an option to manually switch macro mode
on and off, and the "monobrow" that was left in its place.

And here's what the publication has to say about the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13: "The phones
have received a number of significant changes like better cameras, larger batteries, more memory
and brighter screens. The iPhone 13 is a stunning upgrade to last year's already remarkable iPhone
12 family. Some will find themselves disappointed because the device isn't radically different from
previous models, but really it's all part of Apple's charm."

The overall score for the more affordable device is a 9.0. On the plus side, they cited improved
cameras, cinematic mode and iOS 15. On the downside, the not-quite-gone "fringes".

Tom's Guide

Here's their take on the older (and biggest in the series) iPhone 13 Pro Max: "Stellar cameras, a
120Hz Pro Motion display and improved battery life make it a near-perfect phone in our tests. The
device could have recharged faster, and we would have liked the 'fringes' to be smaller. But overall,
the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a real beast that can't be beaten."

The following are conclusions regarding the specific pros and cons of the device. Pros: "Best cameras
among phones, staggering power, brighter screen, excellent battery life and cinematic video mode."
Disadvantages: "Cinematic mode is tied to 1080p resolution, could have used faster charging."

When reviewing the iPhone 13, Tom's Guide editors are even less shy in their expressions. "The
bright display, extended battery life and powerful cameras make this phone the best iPhone for the
money," the reviewer writes. A few downsides, though, are still found. For example, the lack of a
120Hz mode, as well as slow charging compared to competitors.

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