The look of future iPhones 13 has been revealed. What’s new about them


The iPhone 13 series of smartphones will see the light of day in September 2021. Case makers began
to receive their mock-ups, which shed some light on the design. Externally, the iPhone 13 is almost
unchanged from the iPhone 12 – Apple has only modified the camera modules. Pro versions of the
smartphones will also get new case shades, including the classic matte black.

New (old) iPhones
Designs for Apple's iPhone 13 line of smartphones, which it plans to announce in September 2021,
have been revealed. Specialists at specialist portal MacRumors have access to mock-ups of the
devices, designed for case manufacturers.

Apple's new series of handsets, despite the complete failure of the iPhone 12 mini, will still consist of
four models. The two flagships with the prefix Pro in the name will be joined by the regular iPhone 13
and its smaller version with the prefix mini. In the iPhone 14 lineup, expected in 2022, the likelihood
of a mini smartphone tends to be zero.

When designing the exterior of the iPhone 13 smartphones, Apple designers clearly drew inspiration
from the 2020 range. Therefore, changes in the appearance of the new devices should indeed be
looked for.

It's possible that Apple took a couple of minutes to design the new iPhones
In the two younger models, Apple has changed the location of the main camera sensors. Whereas in
the iPhone 12 and 12 mini they are placed vertically, in the new range they are placed horizontally.
What's behind this "design decision" remains unknown.

In the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max the rear camera modules have remained in place, but have
become noticeably larger. As a consequence, the camera itself has grown and now occupies
significantly more space.

iPhone 13 Pro Max (left) and 12 Pro Max
According to MacRumors, the only change to the front panel will be the Face ID cutout, in other
words the "fringes" or "monobrow". Experts at the portal claim that by using more modern and
compact components of the Face ID system, Apple was able to reduce the size of this cutout.
However, Apple is in no hurry to completely abandon it, as all Android smartphone makers did a few
years ago.



Shot of a young businesswoman using a cellphone in the city




Two new colours
Leaving the design of the new iPhones almost unchanged, Apple has focused on developing new
body shades for them. According to GizmoChina, there will be at least two new colours – Sunset Gold
and Rose Gold.

The camera is the only difference between the iPhone 13 (above) and iPhone 12 so far
Technically, none of the new shades can be called new to the iPhone – each has been used in one line
or another. However, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro were not available in the classic black
colour, which Apple has decided to fix in the new range. Moreover, it will be exactly Matte Black.

All shades of the iPhone 13 Pro lineup
There will also remain a white shade in the lineup. It will change its name to Pearl.

All of the above applies to the Pro series only for now. What colours Apple will choose for the regular
iPhone 13 and 13 mini is unknown.

What else will change
The iPhone 13 series smartphones may become thicker than their predecessors. This is likely to be
affected by the installation of higher capacity batteries, as iPhone 12 owners have often complained
about their poor battery life.

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