Spent a day with the iPhone 13 Pro and here’s what I think of it


It’s only when you start using the iPhone 13 that you realise how much it has changed. It seemed to
be the same phone at the presentation, but it's not at all. Getting ahead of myself, I’m not going to
convince you that you should buy this smartphone, on the contrary, perhaps. I just want to say that it
makes a completely different impression in real life than in pictures and renderings. In a little while
we’ll do a full review and experience with this phone, but for now I’ll just share my first impressions
and thoughts on whether or not to buy the iPhone 13 on the first day of sales.

The box of the new iPhone
Years ago Apple used to sell iPhones in boxes that were sealed in plain film, which you had to have a
knife, wrench or sharp, strong teeth to open. Then it was replaced by a packaging with a tab, which
could be pulled on and literally crumbled in your hands. That’s what set the iPhone apart from other

Now the company has once again rethought the packaging. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it
eschews "harmful" materials as much as possible and here decided to move away from polyethylene
(or whatever the film was made of). As a result we only got two pieces of film which you have to pull
to open the lid. They come off easily, but in this version the box can get pretty shabby on the way
out. This is important for someone, especially if the phone is bought as a gift.

How the iPhone 13 Pro differs from the iPhone 12 Pro
The iPhone 13 Pro battery
The phone has gotten a little heavier this year. This is due to an increase in battery size, which has
allowed the smartphone to last 2.5 hours longer (we'll check that out yet), and a larger camera
module. As we expected based on analysts' opinions and the varying credibility of rumours, the
camera has indeed gotten bigger. It's not obvious in pictures, but in real life the camera module is



Hong Kong – September 29, 2021 : People at the Apple Store Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, new iPad and iPad mini go on sale on September 24, 2021 in Hong Kong.





How big is the camera in the new iPhone?
Not only the size has increased but also the protrusion, and the rim of the case around the camera
opening even looks huge. Have you noticed that we used to get indignant when the iPhone 6's
camera started bulging a little bit, but now we've somehow got used to it? Personally, I have, and
even the new iPhone's enormous camera is no longer a source of surprise, much less displeasure.

My first impression of its performance was positive. It shoots well, and the cinematic focus that we
were told at the presentation works really nicely. The depth of field can be adjusted to blur the
background more or less, and the focus shifts to foreground or background during shooting.

I was afraid it would be jerky like conventional focusing, but software plays a big part in how the
function works, and so everything is very smooth. And at the same time, the focus point can be
changed in post-processing. We'll cover that in more detail separately.

Below are some examples of photos on the iPhone 13 Pro, but we'll do a more detailed analysis of
the new camera.

Due to the fact that the camera module has become larger, it is no longer possible to use the old
cases. But you won't be able to use cases from the iPhone 13 Pro with the iPhone 12 Pro either. This
is another innovation that's hard to notice until you've encountered the phone in person. Its buttons
have shifted slightly and no longer match the usual iPhone 12 Pro locations.

How the blue colour of the iPhone 13 Pro looks
It's impossible not to mention the new colour as well. Admittedly, this year it turned out to be
somehow very quiet. Where previously the green colour of the iPhone 11 Pro and the blue colour of
the iPhone 12 Pro felt somehow challenging, pressing and even luxurious, now the colour turned out
to be very soft. I wouldn't even say it's blue. More often than not, it just seems to be grey with a
slight tinge of some obscure hue. It still looks beautiful, but I – spoilt by the beautiful shades of the
previous two generations – expected more.

Has the neckline of the new iPhone really become smaller?
I wish I could say that the change in the size of the "fringes" caught my eye immediately, but I can't
do that. It has indeed become smaller, but unless you are a hardcore user who knows everything
about new products, you may not even notice the change. For example, if you once used an iPhone
X, then had another phone, and now you're back on the iPhone, you'll just notice that the 'fringes'
are there and that's it.

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