iPhone 13 Pro: price, release date and specifications


All the details about the Pro from 2021.

Hello everyone, the new iPhones will be announced in September 2021. The exact release date for
the iPhone 13 Pro hasn't been announced yet, but there's not much left to wait for. There will be
several models, but we'll talk about the improved model with the prefix Pro. They make a very good
box office for Apple. And that's because the Pro's are more expensive and more tricked out than the
middle of the range. We've rounded up all the information about the improved thirteenth model.
Let's go!

iPhone 13 Pro
It's no secret that the 2021 iPhones will be the 12th generation smartphone's successor in terms of
design. The reason is the lifespan of the design code at Apple. Everything is done on the basis of a
three-year cycle. So the look will still be recognisable in the 14th range. And if you remember that
modern styling is a reimagining of the iconic 5/5S, then the design update cycle is already a bit long.
That's right, I haven't said anything about the 1st generation SE yet. But you know all about that

So there won't be any changes at all? There will be no changes, because we are talking about the
new generation. The first thing worth mentioning is the new colour. It is already known that it will be
matt black. Well, that's the fashion now, can't help it. Another update prepared for the camera unit
and the "fringes", but about that below.

Dimensions and weight
Judging by the design situation you already understand that the dimensions will be exactly the same:
146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4. And the weight will increase slightly. Why? Read on. A little spoiler: the battery.

iPhone 13 Pro
The fringes
It's time to talk about her as well. Let me tell you straight away that it's not going anywhere. In the
2021 generation, for sure. But the notch will change quite significantly, namely it will be narrower
and shorter. This is made possible by moving the speaking speaker "to the floor above". As high as

possible, i.e. on the border of the frame. The infra-red sensors, which the fringes were designed for,
are now more modestly sized. A new generation has arrived, after all.

What does it mean for us? More usable space without sacrificing security. I mean FaceID. So
watching YouTube will be more convenient, because you have to crop the screen less. And there
could be more icons at the top. Will it again be possible to find out about charging without swiping?
That would be great…


iPhone 13 in blue and iPhone 12 in green. Manhattan, New York, USA September 25, 2021.




iPhone 13 Pro
Let's start with what won't change at all: the diagonal will be the same, i.e. 6.1″. Is that a bad thing?
Not at all, it's a very comfortable size for content and for any hand size. But in the display itself a lot
will be updated. The coolest thing is the new refresh rate. It will peak at 120Hz. But that's not all,
because it will be dynamic. In other words, it will be able to adjust to your task and refresh the
picture more often or slower. Details: when you read a book the screen hardly updates, and if you
start a game or scroll through the Instagram feed the picture changes more rapidly. In numbers, the
refresh is 1-120Hz. Previously there was a standard unchangeable value of 60Hz. And that's a very
good solution. Especially as it has already been implemented by a major competitor from South
Korea. And those guys know what they are doing too.

Is it good or bad for us? It is good from all sides. It puts less strain on our eyes and saves energy. How
do you do that? All thanks to a new technological display and a new processor (but more about that
below). The displays will be made with LTPO technology. It will be OLED, but more modern. It
consumes 15-20% less energy, while the picture quality remains at an incredible level. And don't
forget about 120Hz. One and only pluses!

The protective glass.
It's also going to be upgraded to the new 2nd generation. Ceramic Shield 2 is stronger than last year's
1st generation. Its anti-scratch and shock resistance will also be a step further. At the same time the
glass will remain very thin and the oleophobic coating will still be excellent. These toughened glass
panes were developed in partnership with market leader Gorilla Glass. And they can definitely be

iphone 13 pro


I've already promised you some number of changes here. I'll start with the not-so-important one: the
camera unit will now be completely black. And most likely completely covered by this dark glass. The
unit's already sticking out quite a bit, but it's going to stick out a bit more. Is this just a design move?
It's not just about design. The lenses themselves will grow in size. That's why they'll change the
camera unit and cover it up with more glass.

If we move on from the design of the cameras to their capabilities, we have a lot to say. The trend of
modern mobile photography is night shooting and zoom. And if zoom won't break records, it will just
get a little better. I'll tell you a secret: 13 Pro Max is good for that, but you keep it a secret, as I do.

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