iPhone 13 at a bargain, however the same old thing: Five motivations not to purchase another iPhone


The camera unit of the new iPhone 13, whose costs in Russia start from 80 thousand rubles, has
caused a ton of discussion even at the phase of "heating up" the crowd through bloggers. A few
months before the show on September 14, Apple sent them tests of the new telephones, and the
plan with the slantingly divided camera unit enraged Apple's devoted clients and iPhone fans. Rather
than a balanced vertical unit, there were two focal points that helped some to remember the eyes of
the sloth from the animation Ice Age, others of individuals with vision issues. It was somewhat a
result of the plan that Apple's portions went down very quickly after the show.

The cost of the iPhone 13 has not changed, yet neither has the innovation

The guaranteed Face ID with an under-screen sensor was not displayed at the show. All things
considered, the new sensor will show up in the up and coming age of cell phones. Outwardly, the
Face ID "borders" are basically unaltered – the size has contracted by 20%, and most clients accept
that this update might have been managed without. The main genuinely perceptible and
advantageous improvement is the A15 Bionic chip, with which the cell phone is significantly quicker.
The issue is that in ordinary utilize the normal client basically will not see the speed up, and for
weighty illustrations and video assignments at the cost of an iPhone 13 you can purchase a Macbook
Air with the M1 processor. Dynamic 120Hz screen invigorate additionally showed up though no one
can easily explain why – you can't call this innovation new, it showed up in the iPad Pro back in 2018.

Whatsapp versus iPhone 13 battery

The day by day cell phone use situation for a functioning individual is generally as follows: two hours
of talking, three hours of visiting in couriers and around two hours of watching video. The record
holder for this utilization design is the iPhone 11 Pro Max – it lives unobtrusively for around 30 hours
and just closes down after that. The iPhone 12 Pro Max shows more unobtrusive outcomes, in
actuality – just 24-26 hours without re-energizing, and the image is much more bleak when watching
video and utilizing cell networks rather than Wi-Fi. The iPhone 11 Pro holds up an additional two
hours not exactly the 12 Pro Max in this test. The iPhone 12 Pro, with its further developed screen
and cameras, scarcely keeps going 20 hours, all things considered. That is probably as long as the
iPhone 12. The base iPhone 11, then again, is comparable to the iPhone 12 Pro Max as far as battery
life and endures a day without re-energizing.

This time around, Apple has done the trickier thing. The organization doesn't unveil the iPhone 13's
battery limit, while taking note of that its battery life has expanded by more than two hours. In any
case, this is the guaranteed battery life of the gadget, and how the iPhone 13 will act, in actuality, will
just turn out to be clear after some time has elapsed. On the off chance that the day by day battery
life of the new gadget ends up being at the level of the past age gadgets, then, at that point, there

will be no reason for overpaying for the new gadget. Aside from the way that the battery life is
obscure, there is no 25W quick charger included. They must be bought independently.



Closeup shot of an unrecognizable designer using a cellphone in an office



What iPhone to purchase in 2021?

To respond to this inquiry, we need to see how the new iPhones contrast from the old ones. We
should accept the iPhone 12 for instance and contrast it with the new gadget.

How about we start with the screen. The iPhone 13's presentation hasn't changed – it's as yet a 6.1-
inch Super Retina XDR show with a goal of 2532×1170 pixels.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are for all intents and purposes something similar as far as size and
weight. The plan of the gadgets is something very similar, however the new gadget is somewhat
thicker than the former one.

The iPhone 13's camera sensor specs continue as before as last year's model: 12MP cameras with
Deep Fusion backing and night photography. All things considered, the iPhone 13 has added sensor
shift adjustment, an equipment improvement that was utilized in the iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras, so
we can't talk about any principal subjective enhancements. The forward looking camera is
additionally unaltered and unaltered.

Apple doesn't give an immediate examination of processors. The new processor A15 Bionic at the
show was not contrasted with the A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12, however to some sort of arrived at
the midpoint of processor for a "common Android cell phone", so it does not merit discussing a
genuine exhibition increment. The main thing we know without a doubt is that the new A15 Bionic
chip has become more energy productive.

That is the place where the contrasts between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 end. For ordinary client
undertakings – couriers, applications, mail, route and different settings – last year's iPhone 12 will be
sufficient, which will be pertinent for basically the following 18 months to two years.

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