A review of the people's iPhone 13 that everyone will walk around with. The pros are there, the cons are few


That day has arrived. I have in my hands the iPhone 13, which will excite Apple fans for a whole year.

Apple has generously used its trademark magic in creating this smartphone, because at first glance
it's the same iPhone 12 on the outside. But once you have used it for at least an hour, you catch
yourself thinking that this is indeed a NEW gadget.

Yes, there are many improvements and pluses in this smartphone compared to the previous flagship.
There are a few downsides as well, which I'll be sure to mention below.

To be honest, I was more looking forward to the Pro version because the prefix "pro" automatically
adds coolness to the gadget, especially from Apple. But having used iPhone 13 I can confidently say
that in 2021 the functions and features of this smartphone will be enough for most users.

Even though it doesn't look much different from the previous flagship at first glance, you just need to
test it for at least half an hour to appreciate the work done by the Cupertino engineers.

The first impressions of the new iPhone you can see here. And below I'll talk in detail about iPhone
13, which, like expensive wine, doesn't reveal itself right away, but only after a while after tasting it.

But once you've tasted it, you'll love it.

We still love the flat edges of the smartphone
If you were expecting some sort of completely new design, I have to say: the iPhone 13 feels exactly
the same in your hand as the iPhone 12.

Personally, I was happy with the flat edges last year, so I'm thankful that the designers decided not to
change anything in the new generation of iPhones. Yes, the smartphone has become a bit thicker,
but I didn't even notice it even holding the iPhone 12 in one hand and the "thirteenth" in the other.
The difference of 0.25 mm has absolutely no effect on the tactile perception of the novelty.



Rostov-on-Don, Russia – December 2021. iPhone 13 Pro in white background. New smartphone from Apple company close-up.




The case is still made of durable glossy glass with a brushed aircraft-grade aluminum frame. The front
panel is protected by the proprietary Ceramic Shield coating.

If you take a long look at the screen, you'll notice a reduced notch at the top. In fact, this change has
donated 20% of the useful space for icons and notifications in the top status bar, but this is
something only iPhone 13 mini owners will appreciate at most. On the reasonably large screen of the
iPhone 13, the difference with the previous generation isn't too noticeable.

The conversational speaker has become narrower and more inconspicuous. I'm sure now the mesh
on it will collect less dust. The new cutout does not affect the quality of the call, you can hear the
other party just fine.

The physical buttons, the lever to transfer the gadget to silent mode, the Lightning connector and the
holes in the speakers are also in their usual places.

The glossy rear panel still collects all fingerprints. So I recommend getting a case right away,
considering that this season Apple rolled out new colours of its signature leather and silicone
"garments". And third-party manufacturers have already stepped up, so there's plenty to choose

The main camera unit that protrudes from the case is larger and wider, so iPhone 12 cases won't fit.
And that goes for all the other new iPhones too.

The cameras themselves have changed location too, they are no longer under each other but
diagonally positioned. Such "rebranding" is dictated by technical improvements: the iPhone 13 and
13 mini now have optical stabilisation with a shifted sensor, so that videos are as smooth as possible
even in the shakiest of hands.

In the previous generation of smartphones, only iPhones with the prefix Pro could boast this feature.

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