A first look at the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. We used their cameras to capture


Today, September 24, the iPhone 13 range has been launched in Russia. We have spent 24 hours
with the new products and want to share our first impressions.

We are not looking for an easy way, so we decided to make the most of the previews of the iPhone
13 and 13 mini cameras. We took our novelties and went for a walk, and on the way we tried movie
effect mode, macro and a lot of low light shooting. Looking ahead we'd like to say that we were
impressed with the results, and now let's hear more about it.

iPhone 13

The first thing to get unpacked was potentially Apple's most popular smartphone of 2021/22, the
iPhone 13 in its new pink colour. So, one of the major packaging innovations that has come under
particular scrutiny from the company's fans is the absence of a packaging film. To be honest, I didn't
experience any negative emotions about this decision while unpacking it.

The magic of Apple works as before, only a little differently. Now, in order to release the brand new
iPhone from the box, you have to gently tear off two protective strips. The process is no less
intriguing. One can feel that Apple pays attention to all the little details. The lid of the box opens with
one hand and reveals the back of the iPhone 13 in pink with ease.



Bangkok, Thailand – February 15, 2021 : iPhone 7 showing its screen with popular social networking applications which are Clubhouse, Instagram and Facebook.




The new colour has turned out to be an ambiguous one. It is a pastel shade of soft pink. It looks
different depending on the nature of the lighting. In bright light, for example, it is very close to white,
with only the facets that make it appear pink. In the evening, it takes on a richer character with a hint
of beige.

As for the package, everything remains unchanged. In addition to the iPhone in the box: a USB-C
cable to Lightning, a tool to remove the SIM card tray, documentation and an apple sticker. From this
year onwards, the lack of an adapter does not evoke any emotion. Overall, the MagSafe port
discourages the use of Lightning. Probably the injection of magnetic technology has not escaped me,
resistance has developed and I am now as prepared as possible for the lack of Lightning in the future.

The look of the iPhone 13 follows the design code of the previous generation with notable design
changes. The first thing you notice is the reduction of the notch for the Face ID system and the
shifting of the talkback speaker into the frame. It looks very nice. Let me be a techno-astrologist and
assume that in this way Apple lays foundation for further changes of this design element.

Design with straight edges is perceived identically and distinctively. For example, if you do a blind
tactile test, you're most likely to be able to tell the difference between an iPhone and any other
smartphone by the feel of your fingertips. And it's not just about the shape of the case. The shape of
the keys, the way they move, the signature silent mode switch, the camera protrusion – all bear
recognisable Apple traits.

In my opinion, the iPhone 13 has the most optimal size. This is largely why it claims to be the most
popular device in the range. To recap, the Super Retina XDR display is 6.1 inches diagonal. In this
generation, it has become 28 percent brighter. According to Apple, the brightness reaches 800 cd/m²
and up to 1200 cd/m² when watching HDR content. Dolby Vision's high-dynamic range content looks

iPhone 13 mini

I missed out on the previous generation of the most compact iPhones, so the 13 mini evoked
nostalgic memories of the days of the iPhone 5/5S series. It's a very warm tactile experience of the
lost form factor of devices that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and are ergonomically
controlled in all scenarios with one-handed gestures.

Literally out of the box, the Mini brings back the memory of the Five, but with the latest design
elements, including an excellent near-front-facing screen, a pimped camera, the convenience of the
Face ID sensor and the powerful A15 Bionic processor.

In terms of equipment, it doesn't differ from its bigger brother. The blue-coloured version came to us
for testing. This colouring is quite different from last year's solution. The blue in the iPhone 13 is
lighter and brighter with a slight deviation towards an azure shade. I liked this colour better
compared to the blue iPhone 12.

The display diagonal of the iPhone 13 mini is 5.4 inches. Battery life aside, in terms of functionality
and performance it's no different to the model with the larger screen and battery. Apple doesn't try
to segment the range and lets you enjoy all the latest technology by choosing a form factor to suit
individual scenarios.

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